Importing the Code Package

To import the Veeva Vault Custom Configuration Package (VPK) for the Lionbridge Connector:

  1. Go to Admin > Deployment > Inbound Packages.

Note: You must name the VPK file in a specific way, as LionbridgeVaultConnector_code_xxxx.vpk (xxxx stands for connector version number).

  1. Click Import and select the Custom VPK from the file system.

An e-mail notification is sent upon the successful import of the Custom VPK file.

  1. Click the Name of the imported custom package.

  2. Confirm that the Deployment Status is displayed as Imported.

  3. Click the settings icon and select Review & Deploy.

  4. Click Next in the Review and Select Steps screen.

  5. Click Finish to complete the import of Custom VPK package.

    An e-mail notification is sent after the Custom VPK package import is completed.