Configuring Send for Translation User Action

Send for Translation user action must be configured for each Document Type and State so that the user can send a single document out for translation directly from the document.

To configure the User Action:

  1. Go to Configuration > Document Lifecycles > {Desired Document LC}.

  2. Click the States tab.

  3. Click the desired state(s) on which you would like to add the Send for Translation action.

  4. Click the User Actions tab.

  5. Click the Edit button.

  6. Click on Add Action to add the following User Action details:

    • Type—Create Related Record

    • Label—Send for Translation

    • Objects—Translation Job

    • Field to Default—Source Document

  7. Click Save to complete the User Action configuration.

  8. (Optional) To control user access to the User Actions, enable Document Atomic Security.

  9. Repeat the above steps to configure for each document type and state where the user action is required.