Sending Content to Translation

If you send a single content item for translation, it must be in a workflow state that enables it to be sent for translation. This corresponds to the Reviewing workflow state that is part of the default Lionbridge Sample Workflow translation workflow. If you send multiple content items for translation using the Bulk Translation feature, you can assign a workflow and workflow state to the items at that time.

When the Connector sends out content items for translation, the following events occur:

  1. The Connector exports the content from the Sitecore CMS as HTML or XML files. The format is determined by the ClayTablet.PackedFileFormat setting in the CT3Translation.config file. For details, refer to the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. The Connector creates placeholders for the content of the language versions of the specified target languages.

  3. The Connector delivers the export files to the Content API Platform, along with information about the target languages, and source location within Sitecore. The Content API Platform then delivers these files to the translation provider(s) specified in your company’s routing rules.

Note: Using the translation workflow for a content item does not obligate you to send out that content item for translation. You can move the content item through the entire workflow without sending it out for translation.