Displaying Content Items in the Workbox

The Workbox ribbon includes many features for controlling which content items to display in the Workbox and how to display these items.

Ribbon Section Description of Functionality
Workflows Select the check box for one or more workflows. The Workbox displays the content items assigned to these workflows. The top-level grouping of content items is by workflow.
View In the Items per Page dropdown list, select the number of content items to display within a page in a workflow-state section, or select All.

Note: You can click page numbers in the bottom-right corner of each page to navigate.
Filter In the Language dropdown list, select the language of the content items to view, or to view content items in all languages, accept the default, -- ALL –. Depending on the workflow state of the content item, this may be the source or target language:
  • Editing, Reviewing, Sending for Translation, and In Translation workflow states: source language of the content item.

  • Editing Translated Version, Reviewing Translated Version, and Done workflow states: target language of the content item. | | Sort | In the Field dropdown list, select the field for sorting the content items in the Workbox. By default, the content items are displayed in descending order by the specified field. To sort the content items in ascending order, clear the Descending check box.

    Note: All content items are grouped first by workflow and then by workflow state before they are sorted. |

  • To refresh the Workbox based on your changes, click Refresh .