Monitoring Items in a Workflow with the Enhanced Workbox

The Connector’s optional enhanced Workbox has more features than the standard Sitecore Workbox. These features help you manage large lists of content items in a workflow. You can sort by different column headings, approve many items at once, and easily manage the display of long lists.

Important: The enhanced Workbox is an optional feature that modifies the standard Sitecore Workbox. It must be installed as a separate package. For installation instructions, refer to the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore Installation and Configuration Guide.

You open the enhanced Workbox the same way that you open the standard Sitecore Workbox.

To open the enhanced Workbox:
  • In the Sitecore Content Editor, either:
    • Click the Workbox link in the bottom left corner of the Content Editor.
    • Click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner of the Content Editor and select the Workbox link.

When you open the Workbox, it displays all content items in a workflow, grouped first by workflow (if multiple workflows are selected), and then by workflow state.

In the enhanced Workbox, you can perform actions on all content items in a workflow, on all content items in a workflow state, or on individual content items.