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Welcome to the Connector

Welcome to the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore (“Connector”). This is Lionbridge’s connector between Sitecore and the Lionbridge Translation Services.

1 - Terminology

Asset Any content or document being sent for translation, including metadata. Assets are created by the Connector.
Content API Platform The hosted connectivity platform that receives and routes content from content systems, including content management systems (CMSs), to translation providers and back during implementation. The Lionbridge Connector Team configures the Platform based on the number and nature of systems involved in your system architecture.
CT3 Legacy branding term that refers to the Connector.
FTP Server File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet. Translation providers may receive and send files for translation using an FTP server.
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service.
Keys The Connector uses keys to establish a secure, discrete connection between the Connector instance and the Platform.

Very important: Do not copy the CMS address keys to multiple instances, because this is a violation of the License Agreement. Using the same CMS address keys on multiple instances will cause the Lionbridge App or Connector to behave unexpectedly, which can result in lost translation content, orphaned projects, and inaccurate translation status reports. The Lionbridge Connector team will support technical issues caused by duplicating or incorrectly installing CMS address keys only on a time and materials basis.
Lionbridge * A translation provider.
* The publisher of the Freeway translation portal. Users connect to the Freeway translation portal to submit content to and retrieve content from the Lionbridge translation provider.
Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore (“Connector”) The connector software that Clay Tablet Technologies, a Lionbridge company, has developed and provides, which plugs into your Sitecore CMS to provide connectivity to our hosted Platform. In this document it is referred to as the Connector. This is the software you are installing and configuring as you work through this document.
MT Machine translation. The translation provider can be a machine translation service, such as Google Translate.
Producer CMS or another system that sends content or documents out for translation. In this case, this is your Sitecore Content Editor.
Provider A provider of translation services. The delivery of assets to the provider may be via an FTP server or a TMS connector.
Support Asset Supporting documents and their metadata.  Support assets are not translated by the translation provider, but they provide helpful context for the translator.
TMS Translation management system that the translation provider users.

2 - About the Content API Platform

The Content API translation-connectivity platform is the easiest, most flexible way to integrate content systems, including content management systems (CMSs) and other content producers, with translation providers and translation technologies.

Content API Platform is the hosted (IaaS) connectivity platform that receives and routes content from content management systems to translation providers and back. During implementation, the Lionbridge Connector Team configures the Platform for your translation solution, based on the translation providers or systems you use.

3 - How the Connector Works with Sitecore

The Lionbridge Connector (“Connector”) is an important part of the Content API translation solution.

The Connector is installed on your system as an add-in to the Sitecore CMS. Its functionality is displayed to the users as part of the Sitecore Content Editor and Experience Editor.

Your translation systems architecture might look like the configuration above. It may have additional CMSs or translation providers, but the core concepts remain the same. If your translation provider is Lionbridge, it is accessed via Freeway.

During implementation, Lionbridge Connector Support works with you and your translation providers to configure and test the other elements of your translation solution, which are the Content API Platform’s connections to your translation providers' systems.

4 - Using this Guide

Purpose of this guide

This guide describes everything you need to know to install and configure the Lionbridge Connector (“Connector”) for Sitecore. It describes the delivery package contents, system requirements, installation instructions, and configuration procedures.

Recommendation: Review the user guide to fully understand the powerful features of the Connector.

Who should use this guide

This guide is intended for Sitecore administrators and system integrators.

What you should already know

This document assumes that your company already has an installed instance of Sitecore. It assumes that you have a strong working knowledge of the Sitecore Content Editor and Sitecore features, specifically how to configure workflows and associate them with templates.

If Lionbridge is your company’s translation provider, it assumes that Freeway is already set up for your company.

How to find out more about the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore

For information on using the Lionbridge Connector to send and receive content for translation from Sitecore, read the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore User Guide.

Documentation conventions

This guide uses the following conventions:

Convention Description
Bold Highlights screen elements such as buttons, menu items, and fields.
Courier Highlights input, file names, and paths.
Italics Highlights terms to emphasize, variables, or document titles.
> Indicates a menu choice. For example, “Select Sitecore Desktop > All Applications > Lionbridge Translation > Translation Filter.”

5 - How to Contact Lionbridge Connector Support

How to Contact Lionbridge Connector Support

You can submit a support ticket either:

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