Installing a Language Package for the Connector

By default the Connector user interface is displayed in English. However, you can install a language package to display the Connector user interface in another supported language.

This section describes how to install a language package for the Connector that you downloaded earlier into your Sitecore system. This language package displays the Connector user interface in the supported language.

Note: You can use any language version of the Sitecore user interface to install the Connector language package.

Currently, a language package is available for Japanese. To obtain a language package, please contact Lionbridge Connector Support, as described in How to Contact Lionbridge Connector Support.

To install the Connector language package into Sitecore:
  1. On the Sitecore Desktop, on the Sitecore Start menu, select Sitecore > Development Tools > Installation Wizard.

The Install a Package wizard opens.

  1. Click Upload package.

The Upload Files wizard opens.

  1. Click Browse, and locate the language package that you received from Content API. This package has the following format:, where x.x.xx is the current version number of the Connector for Sitecore, and language-code is the language code of the language package, for example: For details, see Downloading the Delivery Package.

  2. In the wizard, click Next.

  3. In the next page of the wizard, select the Overwrite existing files check box, and then click Upload.

  4. After the file uploads, click Close.

  5. In the Install a Package wizard, click Choose package.

The Choose Package dialog box opens.

  1. Select the package you uploaded, so that its name is displayed in the File name field, and click Open.

In the Install a Package wizard, the Name field displays the name of the package you selected.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Follow any on-screen instructions to finish installing the language package into Sitecore.

Important: If the lionbridgeteams domain needs to be created manually error is displayed during installation, you either ignore this message (if you are not using the team profile feature), or you can add the lionbridgeteams domain manually. If you cannot add this domain from the Sitecore user interface, you add <domain name=“lionbridgeteams” /> to the domains node in \Website\App_Config\Security\Domains.config.