Installing the Connector

This section describes how to install the Connector installation package you downloaded earlier into your Sitecore system.

Before you install the Lionbridge Connector (“Connector”), verify that you have reviewed the system requirements and followed all the pre-installation procedures described in Before You Install.

Note: If you will install the Connector with the Azure App Service into two Sitecore instances for Blue/Green Deployment, both Sitecore instances must be hosted on the same server or local machine, so that they have the same IP address. For detailed instructions, see Configuring the Connector with the Azure App Service for Blue/Green Deployment.

To install the Connector into Sitecore:
  1. In the Sitecore Launchpad, click Desktop.
  2. On the Sitecore Desktop, on the Sitecore Start menu, select Sitecore > Development Tools > Installation Wizard.

The Install a Package wizard opens.

  1. Click Upload package.

The Upload Files wizard opens.

  1. Click Browse, and locate the installation package that you downloaded earlier. For details, see Downloading the Delivery Package.

Tip: The installation package is in the following location in the delivery package: <Delivery Package/Lionbridge Sitecore Package/>.

  1. In the wizard, click Next.

  2. In the next page of the wizard, select the Overwrite existing files check box, and then click Upload.

  3. After the file uploads, click Close.

  4. In the Install a Package wizard, click Choose package.

The Choose Package dialog box opens.

  1. Select the package you uploaded, so that its name is displayed in the File name field, and click Open.

In the Install a Package wizard, the Name field displays the name of the package you selected.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Follow any on-screen instructions to finish installing the Connector package into Sitecore.

  3. If you installed an update package ( ) and you plan to import content into a local translation memory (TM), as described in Importing Content into a Local Translation Memory (TM), then add the following lines to the Website_root/Website/App_Config/Include/CT3Translation.config configuration file: 

<!-- Import LocalTM Job –>

<agent type=“ClayTablet.CT3Agent.LocalTMImportService, ClayTablet.SC” method=“Run” interval=“00:04:00”>


Next you configure Connector parameters, as described in Configuring the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore.

Note: If you are installing the Connector on multiple Sitecore instances with the Azure App Service, see Configuring the Connector with the Azure App Service for Blue/Green Deployment for additional configuration instructions.