Using your own Workflow for Translation

The sample translation workflow, sitecore/System/Workflows/Lionbridge Sample Workflow contains all the fields that the Connector requires. It contains both translation settings and some information about states and how the workflow proceeds between states. For a detailed description of these fields, see Connector Workflow States.

There is a hierarchy of templates in Sitecore:

The sample translation workflow is actually a template for the workflow provided in the Connector. It links to its parent template in the Quick info section:

The parent of this is the /sitecore/templates/System/Workflow/TranslationWorkflow base template. If you click the link and navigate to that template, you can see its base templates:

  • Standard template – This is a standard Sitecore template.

  • Lionbridge Workflow Config – This is the Connector’s top-level workflow template. It is at the top of the hierarchy.