Configuring the Sitecore Languages in the Sitecore Content Editor

The Connector uses the Regional ISO code field of the language item in Sitecore to define the Connector language codes. You must set up the correct Connector language codes for every Sitecore language your company uses for translation, both source and target languages. The Connector language codes are in the following location in the delivery package: <Delivery Package/Lionbridge Documents/CT3_LanguageCodes.txt>. These language codes are also listed in Appendix: Language Codes.

  1. Log into the Sitecore Content Editor as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to sitecore/System/Languages. This is where Sitecore languages are defined.

Note: If a source or target language is not defined, you must add it to Sitecore. For detailed instructions, refer to the Sitecore CMS Content Cookbook. This guide is in the documentation section available at

  1. For each source or target language, in the Regional Iso Code field, enter the Connector language code from the <Delivery Package/Lionbridge Documents/CT3_LanguageCodes.txt> file.

Note: The Connector includes error trapping for improperly configured language codes. If you make a mistake or forget to configure a language, when you try to send out content for translation, the language is not available for selection, and the CT Language code is misconfigured error is displayed beside the language.