Configuring Logging Settings in Sitecore

In the Sitecore user interface, you can specify the minimum logging level written to the log files.

Note: This setting overrides the ClayTablet.LogLevel setting specified in the Website_root/Website/App_Config/Include/CT3Translation.config file, which is described in Configuring Logging Settings in the Configuration File.

To configure logging levels:
  1. In the Content Editor, in the content tree, navigate to /sitecore/system/Settings/Lionbridge Settings/Lionbridge Connector Settings/.

  2. Click the Lionbridge Connector Settings item to select it and open it in the content area.

  3. Scroll down to the Logging section.

  1. Specify the following option:
Option Description
Logging Level The minimum logging level written to the log files. Select one of the values below from the dropdown list. They are listed from the highest to lowest log level:

* Diagnose
* Warn
  1. Click the Save button in the top-left corner to save your changes. This change takes effect immediately.