Configuring the Connector with the Azure App Service for Blue/Green Deployment

This section describes how to configure the Connector installation with the Azure App Service for Blue/Green Deployment. In this scenario, you install the Connector on multiple Sitecore instances that have the same IP address. These Sitecore instances share the same Sitecore database and they will share the same Connector database. Each instance has its own settings.

  • Both Sitecore instances, where you will install the Connector, must be hosted on the same server or local machine, so that they have the same IP address.
  • Both Sitecore instances must share the same Sitecore database.

Note: These instances will share the same Connector database.

To configure the Connector into Azure on Sitecore with the Azure App Service:
  1. On the first Sitecore instance, configure the translation provider. For detailed instructions, see Configuring Your License ID and New Translation Providers.

  2. Open the Website_root/Website/App_Config/Include/CT3Translation.config configuration file for editing.

  3. Locate the following line:

<setting name=“ClayTablet.LionbridgeSettings.TranslationProvidersConfiguration.ItemPath” value=“NONE” />

By default, this value is set to NONE.

  1. Change the value of this setting, to indicate that the translation-provider configuration path is different for each instance:

/sitecore/System/Settings/Lionbridge Settings/Translation Providers Configuration.

For example:

<setting name=“ClayTablet.LionbridgeSettings.TranslationProvidersConfiguration.ItemPath” value="/sitecore/System/Settings/Lionbridge Settings/Translation Providers Configuration"/>

  1. You can configure a different default translation provider for each instance. For example:
  • /sitecore/System/Settings/Lionbridge Settings/Translation Providers Configuration 1
  • /sitecore/System/Settings/Lionbridge Settings/Translation Providers Configuration 2
  1. Create a copy of the configured translation provider item, under sitecore/System/Settings/Lionbridge Settings/Translation Providers Configuration.

  2. On the second instance, navigate to sitecore/System/Settings/Lionbridge Settings/Translation Providers Configuration in the Content Tree. Ensure that you can see the same copy of the configured translation provider item. This validates that both instances are sharing the Connector database.

  3. On the second instance, modify the copy of the configured translation provider, so that it has a different value than on the first instance. For detailed instructions, see Updating the Configuration Settings of Translation Providers.

  4. From each instance, send jobs to translation to validate that the complete translation round trip is successful.

Next you configure additional Connector parameters, as described in Configuring the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore.