Configuring Database Settings

You configure the Connector’s database settings by modifying the following configuration file: Website_root/Website/App_Config/Include/CT3Translation.config. You can specify the following settings:

Setting Name Description Supported Values Default Value
The location of your Sitecore content. If your Sitecore content is not in the master database, then you must change this value to match the name of your content database. a database name master
Determines whether or not the Connector stores backup translation data on the Content Editor server to support the Translation Correction and Update Remote TM features. For descriptions of these features, refer to the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore User Guide. If you do not want to use these features, you can change this setting to False. This prevents substantial amounts of data from being stored on your Sitecore server, but it also prevents your company from accessing these useful features.

Recommendation: Initially keep the default setting of True in case you want to use any of the features that rely on this data.
* True
* False