Downloading the Delivery Package

  1. Download the Lionbridge Connector (“Connector”) delivery package from the link that Lionbridge sends you. This is a .zip file, and it contains the following folders:
Folder Name Description
Lionbridge Documents
  • Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore Installation and Configuration Guide (this document)
  • Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore User Guide
  • CT3_LanguageCodes.txt: The Connector language codes. Later you will set up these codes for each Sitecore language your company uses for translation, both source and target languages. These language codes are also listed in Appendix: Language Codes.
Lionbridge Sitecore Package, where x.x.xx is the current version number of the Connector for Sitecore. This the installation package that you will install into your Sitecore Content Editor system.

Notes about updating your Connector installation: If you are installing an update to an installation of the Connector for Sitecore, you install the package instead.
Lionbridge Workbox The Advanced Workbox installation package. This is an optional feature, which replaces the standard Sitecore Workbox. It enables much more powerful management of large lists of items, including by language. You can sort by different column headings, approve many items at once, and manage the display of long lists easily. For detailed installation instructions, see Installing the Enhanced Workbox.

Important: Install this feature only if you are comfortable with replacing the standard Sitecore workbox.
  1. Unzip the delivery package file you downloaded, and save its contents to a convenient location.