Translation Statuses

After you send out localized attributes of business objects for translation, they are referred to as content items. The Connector sends out one or more content items for translation as a single translation job. Both content items and translation jobs can have the following translation statuses:

Translation Status Description
Created The Connector created the job for sending out the item to the translation provider.
Pending The Connector is preparing to send out the item to the translation provider.
Sending The Connector is sending out the item to the translation provider.
In translation The translation provider has received the item for translation and has not yet returned the translated item.
Reviewing Translation The Connector has received the translated item back from the translation provider and imported it into Hybris.

Note: This is an intermediate state. If a job is stuck in this state, then an error may have occurred when the Connector imported the translation.
Completed The Connector has returned the translated item to Hybris or Commerce Cloud. You view translated content items in the interfaces where those content items are displayed. For detailed instructions, see Viewing Translated Content.