Upgrading the Connector Database

This section describes how to upgrade the Connector database.

Important: This step is required when updating your Connector installation from version 2.1.x-2.4.0 to the current version. It is required to support changes to how classification content mapping is saved in the Connector database.

To upgrade the Connector database:
  1. Open the Hybris Administration Console in a browser. For detailed instructions, refer to the SAP Commerce documenation at: https://help.sap.com/viewer/5c9ea0c629214e42b727bf08800d8dfa/1905/en-US/7d4ea11ee6da48b5b3b49304ab52b9f0.html.

  2. Mouseover the Platform tab.

  3. Click the Update menu item.

The Update page opens.

  1. Ensure that in the General settings section, all the check boxes are selected.

  2. Ensure that in the Project data settings section, the check box for the ctcore extension item (not shown) is selected.

  1. At the bottom of the page, click the Update button to start updating the Connector database.

  2. In the the Hybris Administration Console, click the Console tab and then click ImpEx Import.

  3. Run the following ImpEx:


REMOVE $targetType[batchmode=true];itemtype(code)[unique=true]