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Installing the Lionbridge Connector onto SAP Commerce Cloud

This section describes how to install the Connector package onto SAP Commerce Cloud.

Note: If you are installing the Connector package into Hybris or SAP Commerce, follow the detailed instructions in Installing the Lionbridge Connector into Hybris or SAP Commerce.

To install the Connector onto SAP Commerce Cloud:
  1. At the root level of the Commerce Cloud code repository, create the custom folder.
  2. Add the following Connector package files to the custom folder you just created.
  • /custom/ctcore
  • /custom/ctbackoffice
  1. In your manifest.json file, add the Connector packages to the extensions list, for example:

“extensions”: [





  1. Save, commit, and push the changes.
  2. Create a build in the Commerce Cloud Dashboard.
  3. Deploy the build to the desired environment, using one of the following options, depending on your requirements and capabilities:
  • Update database and deploy with downtime
  • Update database and deploy with rolling update