Legacy LSPs Configuration

If you have upgraded your Lionbridge connector from an earlier (2.x) version, your previous LSP configuration will show up in the Legacy LSPs Configuration section. They are maintained so that you can still receive back any pending jobs sent to those legacy LSPs. You won’t be able to send any new jobs out to legacy LSPs though. If you have done a brand-new installation of the connector, this section won’t appear on your System Configuration screen.

You cannot make any changes to legacy license settings and legacy LSPs. The only operations you can perform in this section are:

  • Disable/Enable Legacy LSPs: You can disable all legacy LSPs. By doing so, the connector will stop checking for any jobs returning from those legacy LSPs. You can also re-enable all legacy LSPs after you disable them. After re-enabled them, the connector will restart checking for jobs returning from legacy LSPs.

  • Remove Legacy LSPs: You can remove all legacy LSPs. After that, the Legacy LSPs Configuration section will disappear from your System Configuration screen.

Important: You cannot reverse the operation once, you remove legacy LSPs, you cannot get them back, and if there are any outstanding jobs sent to any of those legacy LSPs, the connector won’t be able to receive the translation back for those jobs. So please make sure you have completed all outstanding jobs. Removing legacy LSPs does not affect completed jobs sent to legacy LSPs in the past. You can still see them in the Translation Jobs view and check their job details on the Job Details page.