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Appendix API for Automatic Translation Jobs Creation

Lionbridge Connector for SAP Commerce supports an API to create translation job programmatically using the defaultCtProducerClient bean:


* The bean creates a Translation Job that will be sent by the connector’s cron job. Example usage in psuedo-code:

* ctproducerclient = spring.getBean(“defaultCtProducerClient”);

* modelService = spring.getBean(“modelService”);

* for (…) {

* //… gather a list of items

* long examplePK = 8796093251585L;

* item = modelService.get(PK.fromLong(examplePK));

* items.add(item)

* }

* provider = ctproducerclient.getProviderByName(“WorldServer Test”);

* ctproducerclient.createJobFromItemModels(“test job”, “this is a test”, null, “123456”, null, provider.getId(), “en”, {“fr”, “es”}, items);

* @param jobName Name of translation job

* @param jobDescription Description of the job

* @param dueDate Due date. Optional.

* @param poReference Purchase Order reference. Optional.

* @param sourceLanguage Source language code (Hybris)

* @param targetLanguages List of target language codes (Hybris)

* @param lspId ID of TranslationProvider. See getProviderByName(String providerName)

* @param itemsToTranslate List of Hybris ItemModels to translate. Can be retrieved using

* ModelService or FlexibleSearchService, for example.


void createJobFromItemModels(

final String jobName, final String jobDescription,

final Date dueDate, final String poReference,

final String sourceLanguage, final String[] targetLanguages,

final String lspId, List<ItemModel> itemsToTranslate);