Post-Translation Features

After the translation is complete, you can perform the following tasks:

Column Description Details
import translated content When the translation project is complete and has been returned to the Connector, its project status is 100%. It is ready to import into Optimizely, where you can review it. You can import all available translated content, or translated content only in specific target languages. Importing Translated Content
reviewing translated assets After you import translated content from the Connector into Optimizely, the corresponding translated assets are ready for review. Reviewing Translated Assets
publish translated assets After you review translated assets, you can publish them via the Connector. You can publish all available imported assets, or imported assets only in specific target languages. Publishing Translated Assets
archiving and unarchiving projects You can archive projects to remove them from the default view of the Connector. Archiving and Unarchiving Projects
removing projects from the Connector You can remove a project from the Connector if it is in Draft, Imported, Cancelled or Published status. Removing Translation Projects from the Connector