Translation Statuses

The statuses of translation projects are displayed, as follows:

  • The Lionbridge Connector Dashboard (“Dashboard”) displays project statuses in the Status column.
  • The Lionbridge Connector gadget displays project statuses as icons and percentages:
Translation Project Status (in Dashboard) Icon (in Gadget) Percentage (in Gadget) Description
Draft N/A The Connector created the translation project, but it did not send it for translation yet.
Sending N/A The Connector is processing the translation job, but has not completed sending to the Lionbridge Content API platform.
In Translation 5 The Connector sent the translation project to the Lionbridge Content API platform.
10 The Lionbridge Content API platform sent the translation project to Lionbridge Freeway.
Ready for Import variable, up to 100 The Connector has delivered the completed translation project, and it is ready to be imported into Optimizely.
Imported variable, up to 100 The completed translation project has been imported into Optimizely, but it has not yet been published.
Published variable, up to 100 The translation project has been published.
Cancelled N/A The project has been cancelled successfully from Lionbridge Content API platform and cannot process further.

Note about percentage values: In addition to the percentage values described in the table above, different percentage values may be displayed in the Lionbridge Connector gadget. For an explanation of those values, See Viewing Your Translation Status Summary.

Note about statuses displayed in italics in the Dashboard: A status displayed in italics in the Dashboard indicates that the translated content of some, but not all target languages is in this status. For a detailed description and illustration, See Monitoring Translation Projects.