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Appendix Language Codes

For detailed instructions on mapping Optimizely language codes to Lionbridge language codes for every language your company uses for translation, see Configuring Language Mapping and Asset Packaging.

The Connector has the following language codes:

Type Language Identifier Language Code
String Afrikaans “af-ZA”
String Albanian “sq-AL”
String Amharic “am-ET”
String Arabic_Algeria “ar-DZ”
String Arabic_Bahrain “ar-BH”
String Arabic_Egypt “ar-EG”
String Arabic_Iraq “ar-IQ”
String Arabic_Jordan “ar-JO”
String Arabic_Kuwait “ar-KW”
String Arabic_Lebanon “ar-LB”
String Arabic_Libya “ar-LY”
String Arabic_Morocco “ar-MA”
String Arabic_Oman “ar-OM”
String Arabic_Qatar “ar-QA”
String Arabic_Saudi_Arabia “ar-SA”
String Arabic_Syria “ar-SY”
String Arabic_Tunisia “ar-TM”
String Arabic_UAE “ar-AE”
String Arabic_Yemen “ar-YE”
String Armenian “hy-AM”
String Assamese “as-IN”
String Basque “eu-ES”
String Belarusian “be-BY”
String Bengali_Bangladesh “bn-BD”
String Bengali_India “bn-IN”
String Bosnian_Bosnia_Herzegovina “bs-BA”
String Bulgarian “bg-BG”
String Burmese “my-MM”
String Catalan “ca-ES”
String Chinese_Hong_Kong “zh-HK”
String Chinese_Macao “zh-MO”
String Chinese_PRC “zh-CN”
String Chinese_Singapore “zh-SG”
String Chinese_Taiwan “zh-TW”
String Croatian “hr-HR”
String Croatian_Bosnia_Herzegovina “hr-BA”
String Czech “cs-CZ”
String Danish “da-DK”
String Divehi “dv-MV”
String Dutch “nl-NL”
String Dutch_Belgium “nl-BE”
String English_Australia “en-AU”
String English_Belize “en-BZ”
String English_Canada “en-CA”
String English_HongKong “en-HK”
String English_India “en-IN”
String English_Indonesia “en-ID”
String English_Ireland “en-IE”
String English_Jamaica “en-JM”
String English_Malaysia “en-MY”
String English_New_Zealand “en-NZ”
String English_Philippines “en-PH”
String English_Singapore “en-SG”
String English_South_Africa “en-ZA”
String English_Trinidad “en-TT”
String English_UK “en-GB”
String English_US “en-US”
String English_Zimbabwe “en-ZW”
String Estonian “et-EE”
String Faroese “fo-FO”
String Farsi “fa-IR”
String Filipino “fil-PH”
String Finnish “fi-FI”
String French “fr-FR”
String French_Belgium “fr-BE”
String French_Cameroon “fr-CM”
String French_Canada “fr-CA”
String French_Cote_d_Ivoire “fr-CI”
String French_Democratic_Rep_Congo “fr-CD”
String French_Haiti “fr-HT”
String French_Luxembourg “fr-LU”
String French_Mali “fr-ML”
String French_Monaco “fr-MC”
String French_Morocco “fr-MA”
String French_Reunion “fr-RE”
String French_Senegal “fr-SN”
String French_Switzerland “fr-CH”
String Frisian_Netherlands “fy-NK”
String Fulfulde_Nigeria “ff-NG”
String FYRO_Macedonian “mk-MK”
String Gaelic_Ireland “gd-IE”
String Gaelic_Scotland “gd-GB”
String Gallegan “gl-ES”
String Georgian “ka-GE”
String German “de-DE”
String German_Austria “de-AT”
String German_Liechtenstein “de-LI”
String German_Luxembourg “de-LU”
String German_Switzerland “de-CH”
String Greek “el-GR”
String Guarani “gn-PY”
String Gujarati “gu-IN”
String Hausa “ha-NE”
String Hawaiian “haw-US”
String Hebrew “he-IL”
String Hindi “hi-IN”
String Hungarian “hu-HU”
String Icelandic “is-IS”
String Igbo “ig-NG”
String Indonesian “id-ID”
String Inuktitut “iu-CA”
String Italian “it-IT”
String Italian_Switzerland “it-CH”
String Japanese “ja-JP”
String Kannada “kn-IN”
String Kanuri “kr-TD”
String Kashmiri “ks-IN”
String Kazakh “kk-KZ”
String Khmer “km-KH”
String Konkani “kok-IN”
String Korean “ko-KR”
String Kyrgyz “ky-KZ”
String Lao “lo-LA”
String Latin “la-XL”
String Latvian “lv-LV”
String Lithuanian “lt-LT”
String Malay “ms-MY”
String Malay_Brunei_Darussalam “ms-BN”
String Malayalam “ml-IN”
String Maltese “mt-MT”
String Maori “mi-NZ”
String Marathi “mr-IN”
String Mongolian “mn-MN”
String Nepali “ne-NP”
String Nepali_India “ne-IN”
String Norwegian “nb-NO”
String Norwegian_Nynorsk “nn-NO”
String Oriya “or-IN”
String Oromo “om-ET”
String Panjabi “pa-PK”
String Polish “pl-PL”
String Portuguese “pt-PT”
String Portuguese_Brazil “pt-BR”
String Punjabi_Pakistan “pa-PK”
String Pushto “ps-AF”
String Quechua_Ecuador “qu-EC”
String Quechua_Peru “qu-PE”
String Rhaeto_Romance “rm-IT”
String Romanian “ro-RO”
String Romanian_Moldova “ro-MD”
String Russian “ru-RU”
String Russian_Moldava “ru-MD”
String Sami “se-NO”
String Sanskrit “sa-IN”
String Serbian_Cyrillic “sr-RS”
String Serbian_Latin “sr-SP”
String Sindhi_India “sd-IN”
String Sindhi_Pakistan “sd-PK”
String Sinhala “si-LK”
String Slovak “sk-SK”
String Slovenian “sl-SI”
String Somali “so-ET”
String Sorbian “wen-DE”
String Spanish “es-ES”
String Spanish_Argentina “es-AR”
String Spanish_Bolivia “es-BO”
String Spanish_Chile “es-CL”
String Spanish_Colombia “es-CO”
String Spanish_Costa_Rica “es-CR”
String Spanish_Dominican_Republic “es-DO”
String Spanish_Ecuador “es-EC”
String Spanish_El_Salvador “es-SV”
String Spanish_Honduras “es-HN”
String Spanish_LatinAmerica “es-XL”
String Spanish_Mexico “es-MX”
String Spanish_Nicaragua “es-NI”
String Spanish_Panama “es-PA”
String Spanish_Paraguay “es-PY”
String Spanish_Peru “es-PE”
String Spanish_Puerto_Rico “es-PR”
String Spanish_Uruguay “es-UY”
String Spanish_US “es-US”
String Spanish_Venezuela “es-VE”
String Swahili “sw-TZ”
String Swedish “sv-SE”
String Swedish_Finland “sv-FI”
String Syriac “syr-SY”
String Tajik “tg-TJ”
String Tamil “ta-IN”
String Tatar “tt-RU”
String Telugu “te-IN”
String Thai “th-TH”
String Tibetan “bo-CN”
String Tigrinya_Eritrea “ti-ER”
String Tigrinya_Ethiopia “ti-ET”
String Tsonga “ts-ZA”
String Tswana “tn-BW”
String Turkish “tr-TR”
String Turkmen “tk-TM”
String Uighur “ug-CN”
String Ukrainian “uk-UA”
String Urdu “ur-PK”
String Urdu_India “ur-IN”
String Uzbek “uz-UZ”
String Venda “ve-ZA”
String Vietnamese “vi-VN”
String Welsh “cy-GB”
String Xhosa “xh-ZA”
String Yi “ii-CN”
String Yiddish “yi-MD”
String Yoruba “yo-NG”
String Zulu “zu-ZA”