Configuring the Lionbridge App in CloudBroker

A site administrator configures and manages the Lionbridge App’s configuration in CloudBroker, which is a Lionbridge SaaS for configuring apps that are plug-ins to SaaS content systems. The Lionbridge App for Marketo (Lionbridge App) is your site.

To configure the Lionbridge App in CloudBroker:
  1. Log in to CloudBroker as a site administrator. For details, see Getting Started with CloudBroker.

  2. Perform the following language-mapping tasks:

  1. Perform the following configuration tasks:

Note: This is relevant only if Lionbridge Freeway is your translation provider.

Note: This is relevant only if SDL TMS is your translation provider.

  1. Configure users, teams, and access, as described in Configuring User Access.

  2. Optional. Configure email notification groups, as described in Configuring Email Notification Groups.