Before You Set Up the Lionbridge App

Since Marketo is a SaaS (software as a service) application, you do not install the Lionbridge App for Marketo (Lionbridge App). The Lionbridge App is a plug-in on the Marketo server.

Instead, to enable the Lionbridge App within Marketo, you create a corresponding LaunchPoint service within Marketo. Then you configure the application in CloudBroker, which is a SaaS for configuring and hosting apps that are plug-ins to SaaS content systems.

There are four main steps in setting up the Lionbridge App:

  1. As a Marketo administrator, you add the Lionbridge App as a LaunchPoint Service in Marketo. For detailed instructions, see Adding the Lionbridge App in Marketo.

  2. You send some information from the previous step to the Lionbridge Connector Team, at For detailed instructions, see Sending LaunchPoint Service Information to the Lionbridge Connector Team.

The Lionbridge Connector Team creates your Marketo site in CloudBroker.

  1. As a Lionbridge CloudBroker site administrator, you configure your Marketo site. For detailed instructions, see Getting Started with CloudBroker and Configuring the Lionbridge App in CloudBroker.

  2. As a Lionbridge CloudBroker site administrator, you configure user access, including setting up teams and users. For detailed instructions, see Configuring User Access.

Once the setup is complete, Marketo users can start using the Lionbridge App to manage translations.