Submitting Content to the Connector via the Cart

The Cart is a place to collect items for translation before sending them to the Connector, which automatically groups them into jobs.

Using the Cart has the following advantages:

  • If the person with the authority to send content for translation from the Cart manages your organization’s translation budget, it can help control translation costs and the translation process.
  • You may not want to send out each item individually as soon as you finish reviewing it. The Cart facilitates your management of reviewed content, so that you do not forget about sending individual reviewed items for translation.
  • Lionbridge prefers receiving fewer but larger batches of content to translate, rather than individual items, as this facilitates project preparation, resource assignment, and file analysis.
  • If you want to translate many items into multiple languages, but you want to translate into only one target language at a time, this is a good way to manage that process.

If you or your colleagues have added items to the Cart, you must access it to submit the items to the Connector.

Note: If you do not send out items from the Cart to the Connector, then the Connector does not send out the translation jobs to Lionbridge.

When you use the Cart to manage your translation process, you complete the following general steps:
  1. You add items to the Cart, as described in:

Optional. You can also remove items from the Cart, if you decide not to translate them. For detailed instructions, see Removing Items from the Cart.

  1. You submit items from the Cart to the Connector, as described in Submitting Items in the Cart to the Connector. You can send out one, multiple, or all items from the Cart at one time. This step creates one job for each target language.

  2. If you requested a quote for the translation job, you must log into Lionbridge Freeway to authorize the quote for each translation job and start the translation process.