Sidekick - Simple UI

You use this interface to submit content to the Translation Queue only.

  1. Enter the following information about the translation options:
Option Description
Translation scope Determine the scope of the pages to send for translation. This is one of the following:

* **Current page:** The Connector sends the current page for translation.
* **All sub pages:** The Connector sends all the sub-pages for translation. It does not send the current page.
* **Current page and all sub pages:** The Connector sends the current page and all its sub-pages for translation.
Source language Select the source language to send for translation.
Target language(s) Select one or more target languages to send for translation. The list displays all the languages that are set up in Adobe Experience Manager for your team.
  1. Click Submit to send the content to the Translation Queue.

A message box opens, confirming that the page or pages have been added to the queue.

  1. Click OK to close the message box.

After the content is in the Translation Queue, either:

  • You must access the Translation Queue and approve the pages you want to send out for translation. For detailed instructions, see Submitting Content for Translation from the Translation Queue.

  • Your company has schedules that automatically send out translation jobs from the Translation Queue. For details, refer to the Lionbridge Connector for Adobe Experience Manager Installation and Configuration Guide.