Importing Target Languages in the Globalization Tool

You can upload a Microsoft Excel file with a list of target languages when sending out files for translation from the Globalization Tool, as described in Sending Pages and Assets for Translation Using the Globalization Tool.

Microsoft Excel file format

The Microsoft Excel file must have the following format:

Excel Column Column Header Notes
B Project Name
C Channel
D Sub Channel
E Assets
F Cycle Name
G Production Status
H Source Word Count
I Translated Word Count
J Total Cost
K Total Project Cost
L Markets Target languages and codes, comma separated, for example: English(EN-GB), French(FR-CA)
M HODate
N HBDate
O Actual Final HB
P Desired HBDate
Q Actual Localization Complete Date
R Daily Comments
S Field Review Start Date
T Field Review Complete Date
U Total Number of Language
V Delayed Language
W Total Number of delayed Days
X Total Number of delayed Language
Y Average Delay
Z Query
AA File Location
To upload the Excel file:
  1. Click the Load pages button to open the Select a file to upload dialog box.

  2. In the dialog box, browse to and select the Excel file, and click Open, or similar, to close the browser dialog box. The Select a file to upload dialog box displays the path of the file you selected.