Updating a Remote Translation Memory (TM)

After the Connector returns translated content from the translation provider to Adobe Experience Manager, in-country marketers or reviewers can review the translation and update it in Adobe Experience Manager. These reviewers can then send their post-translation updates to their translation technology or provider. The translation provider can then update the translation memory (TM) with these content updates. This means that the updates will be available to the translation provider for subsequent translations. This makes the translation process more efficient.

To send updates to the translation provider’s translation memory:

The Connectors sends a TMX file to the translation technology or provider with the updates. This file includes:

  • the original source content
  • the original translated content
  • the updated translated content
  • the name of the translation job
  • the page path and the property name

Tip: When you send an update for a single page, you can add a comment for your translator about why you are updating the translation for that page.

Best practices for updating a remote translation memory (TM):
  • Make only small post- translation updates in the Adobe Experience Manager authoring environment, and then use this feature to send those updates to the translation provider. If you require large updates or rewrites, discuss this directly with your translation provider to ensure that all changes are captured efficiently. In this scenario, the translation provider can redo the translations and redeliver the updates via the Connector.

  • Create a primary review process for translation that captures most changes to translated content, so that the translation provider can update its TM directly. The secondary review process in Adobe Experience Manager then captures only small and minor post-translation updates.

  • Review your remote TM updates on the TM Update page in the Connector. For detailed instructions, see Viewing Updates to a Translation Memory. If you have any changes that you do not want to send to the remote TM, you can delete them on the TM Update page.

  • A project manager at the translation provider should review the suggested updates and ensure that the translation memory is updated with these changes.

Important: Updating the remote TM is not an automatic process. The translation provider must review all the changes and transform them into a format to update the TM. The translation provider may charge a service fee for this work.