Viewing the Restore Original Sync Workflow

You can view the CTCRestoreOriginalSync workflow. After users send out components for translation, they can use this workflow to relock them to restore their original inheritance.

  1. Open the AEM WCM page, as described on Installing the Optional Workflow Package.

  2. Locate the CTCRestoreOriginalSync workflow. Click to select it, and then right-click and select Edit from the context menu.

The workflow opens in a new browser tab.

By default, this workflow includes the Restore original Sync that unlocked by CTC translation step, which is required to integrate Adobe Experience Manager with the Connector processes. This is a process type of workflow step, where Connector relocks components and restores their original inheritance.

Warning: Do not modify this step, except for the title. Otherwise the Connector integration with the Adobe Experience Manager workflow may not work properly.