Importing an SSL Certificate into Your Java Trusted Keystore with Java (JDK)

You import the downloaded/exported SSL certificate into your Java trusted keystore to resolve communication issues with AWS S3 and SQS. There are different instructions depending on whether Java (JDK) or JRE is installed on the server where Adobe Experience Manager is hosted.

To import an SSL certificate into your Java trusted keystore with JRE:
  1. Run the keytool -import -alias ALIAS -file public.cert -storetype TYPE -keystore server.truststore command. For example:

keytool -import -alias teiid -file public.cert -storetype JKS -keystore server.truststore

  1. If the specified truststore already exists, enter the existing password for that truststore, otherwise enter a new password.

  2. When you are prompted to trust the certificate, enter yes.

The certificate in public.cert has been added to the new truststore named server.truststore.