Job Submitted for Translation Is Missing Some Strings

The Connector successfully sent the job to the LSP, but some of the source content is missing from the job and it was not sent.

Possible Issue Explanation Solution
Either component mapping was not done, or it was not updated for components that were recently added or used in new content. The content of an Adobe Experience Manager page is created from a collection of page components. A component has different properties, which are types of fields. You must configure which components and properties the Connector can send out for translation. Update the component mapping and resend the job for translation. For detailed instructions, see Configuring which Components and Properties to Send Out for Translation.
Recommendation: If you are submitting new nodes in your content tree for translation, validate component mapping in a pre-production environment to ensure that only the required components are mapped.
All components were successfully sent for translation in the pre-production environment, but they are missing in the production environment. Component mapping is managed on a per-Adobe Experience Manager-instance basis. You must import any changes in component mapping from the pre-production environment into the production environment before submitting jobs from there. Either:
- Manually make the same component mapping changes in the production environment.
- Migrate your component mapping from the pre-production environment to the production environment. For detailed instructions, see Automatically Updating Your Connector Configuration.