Preventing the Translation of Pages

In the Prevent Translation of Pages section of the Advanced Settings page, you can prevent the Connector from sending pages with certain properties for translation.

To prevent the Connector from sending certain pages for translation:
  1. Click Admin Tools > Advanced Settings in the Lionbridge Connector rail. For information on opening the Lionbridge Connector rail, see Configuring the Connector.

    The Advanced Settings page opens, displaying the Prevent Translation of Pages section near the top of the page.

  1. Enter the page property or properties that identify pages for the Connector to ignore when sending content out for translation.

    • To separate multiple page properties, use a comma ( , ) separator, for example: PropertyName, PropertyName[PropertyValue].
    • To find all pages that do not have properties, use an exclamation mark ( ! ) prefix, for example: !PropertyName[PropertyValue]. For example, !PropertyName finds !PropertyNameA, !PropertyNameB, and !PropertyNameC.
    • To find a page property whose values all contain some letters or numbers, use an asterisk wildcard ( * ) for the property value, for example: PropertyName[Value*], PropertyName[*Value*].
    • To instruct the Connector to ignore pages with specific multiple properties, use an ampersand ( & ), for example: PropertyName1[PropertyValue1]&PropertyName2[PropertyValue2].
  2. Click Save Configuration to save your changes.