Mail Server Settings

The Mail Server Settings section of the Configuration page specifies the mail-server settings for notification emails that the Connector can send.

The following figure shows the Mail Server Settings option in the AEM Cloud version:

Note: If the Use SendGrid Mail Service checkbox is not checked, Use Experience Mail Service option is selected by default.

This section is required if you configured the Connector to send notification emails. For details, see Translation Settings.

Configuration Option Description
Use Experience Manager Mail Service You can use either Day CQ Mail Service’s email notification settings or the Connector’s own settings to send email notifications from the Connector.
- To configure the Connector to use Day CQ Mail Service’s email notification settings, select this check box, and leave the remaining settings in this section blank. For instructions on configuring Day CQ Mail Service’s email notification, refer to
Note: The Connector uses only the Day CQ Mail Service. The other settings described on the Adobe Experience Manager page are not relevant.
- To configure the Connector to use its own email notification settings, clear this check box, and populate the rest of the settings in this section, as described below.
Note: The following settings are relevant only if the Use Experience Manager Mail Service check box, described above, is cleared.
SMTP Host The IP address or domain name of your SMTP server.
SMTP Port The port used by your SMTP service.
Need Authentication Indicates whether the SMTP server needs authentication. If necessary, contact your network administrator for this information.
[SMTP Auth] User The login name or account if your SMTP server needs authentication.
[SMTP Auth] Password The password to log in to your SMTP server if it needs authentication.
SMTP STARTTLS Indicates whether your SMTP server supports the StartTLS protocol. If necessary, contact your network administrator for this information.
Notification email from The email address from which Connector notification emails will be sent. If this is not specified, the default email address is
  • To verify the email settings, click the Test button. After testing, a message box indicates whether your configuration passed the test.

  • The SMTP server settings are only avaiable for AEM on-premise version. For AEM cloud version, you can use SendGrid mail service on AEM cloud. User must aquire the SendGrid API key to fill in the SendGrid API key field of Mail Server Settings box.