Agent Services

The Agent Services section of the Configuration page configures the settings for the ctcPrepareService and ctcUploadService services.

Configuration Option Description
Speed You can choose a level from 1 to 20 to adjust the load of the ctcPrepareService and ctcUploadService agent services present to your servers. Setting 1 is very fast and therefore more resource intensive. The default value is 1 (fastest). Based on Connector testing, this setting will push CPU usage to 60% on average. You can monitor your server performance, and if the Connector uses too many server resources, you may need to adjust the speed level.
Note: This speed setting affects all Connector agent services.
Multiple Threads This is the maximum number of threads that the Connector can use for the JDBC pool, and to concurrently prepare, send, download, and return translations to Adobe Experience Manager. It is between 1 and 20.