Adding CData Tags to Translation Files

You can change the Use_CData setting from its default value of false to true to add CData tags to translation files, which prevents your translators from viewing double-escaped special characters, such as &.

To configure this setting:
  1. Do one of the following to open CRXDE Lite:

    • In the Touch-Optimized UI of Adobe Experience Manager, click Tools in the Adobe Experience Manager rail. Then,in the Navigation page, click CRXDE Lite.
    • In the Classic UI of Adobe Experience Manager, click CRXDE Lite in the right pane.
    • In your Web browser, navigate to /crx/de/index.jsp on your Adobe Experience Manager instance.

CRXDE Lite opens.

  1. In the Explorer pane on the left, navigate to /etc/ctctranslation/TransOptions.
  2. Locate the Use_CData property.
  3. Double-click in the Value column, and select true from the dropdown list.
  4. In the CRXDE Lite menu, click Save All.

The Connector will now automatically wrap every XML translation file it sends out for translation in CData tags.