Configuring the TMX to Include the Original Translation

By default, when you use the Update TM functionality, the Connector updates the TM (translation memory) with the following information from the TMX file:

  • the original source content
  • the original translated content
  • the updated translated content
  • the name of the translation job
  • the page path and the property name

You can configure the Connector to also include the original translation returned by the translation provider in the TMX file.

To configure this setting:
  1. Do one of the following to open CRXDE Lite:

    • In the Touch-Optimized UI of Adobe Experience Manager, click Tools in the Adobe Experience Manager rail. Then, in the Navigation page, click CRXDE Lite.
    • In the Classic UI of Adobe Experience Manager, click CRXDE Lite in the right pane.
    • In your Web browser, navigate to /crx/de/index.jsp on your Adobe Experience Manager instance.

CRXDE Lite opens.

  1. In the Explorer pane on the left, navigate to /etc/ctctranslation/TransOptions.

  2. Locate the TMXIncludeOriginalTranslation property.

  3. Double-click in the Value column, and select true from the dropdown list.

  4. In the CRXDE Lite Menu, click Save All.

The Connector will now send the original translation returned by the translation provider to the TM.